Monolith Series

The new serie developed by the Chilean design studio bravo continues with the territorial design formula that characterizes, from some time to now, their work; local design and production, articulating productive methods, technologies and materials taken from Chilean geography.
Each object present in the series is conceived from technical and formal experimentation, as in sculpture, beyond pursuing a practical or functional operation, these objects assume a plastic and emotional commitment that allows its use to be freely interpreted. In fact the series suggest a paradigm shift by changing and reducing the sculptural scale, commonly associated to architecture and public space, to a domestic and object level.

Composed of more than 80 different pieces, The Monolith Series were developed over a year, and conceived under the logic of the monolith (Greek, μόνος monos, "one" or "single", and λίθος lithos, "stone"), using a single rock that contains various minerals and components to give way to the final object.
The research phase for this project focuses on raw material and the exploration in its physical-mechanical possibilities. In this case the material is Combarbalita, a rock originated from volcanic compositions, that has only been found in the Chilean territory and which integrates heterogeneous ammounts of kaolinite, natroalunite, silica and hemanite, in addition to some minerals represented in copper and
silver oxides.

Given the versatility in the natural composition of the stone, each piece designed varies in its veins, textures and colors, therefore, is completely unique and unrepeatable.  ·  ·  ︎ somos_bravo